Moving Checklist

Moving can be an incredibly stressful process, but with the use of this checklist you can minimize the unexpected problems that people commonly face.

  • Sort Items Into Two Categories. What To Keep, and What To Trash Before The Move.
  • Start to use up all food in the freezer.
  • Donate Gently Used Items That You Won't Be Keeping, or Throw A Moving Sale
  • Hire A Moving Company For The Big Day - And Make Sure They Are Licensed! (Our License Number is ILL C.C. 216214 M.C.)
  • If schools or doctors will be changed after the move, obtain copies of medical and school records.
  • Check With Your Insurance Company To See If The Move Will Require Any Policy Changes
  • Make a note of any precious items that require special care to move.
  • Backup your computer to a cloud storage system, or to an external hard drive you can easily carry with you.
  • Make Sure You Have A Pet Sitter For The Day Of The Move, Or That Pets Can Be Safely Kenneled On The Day Of The Move
  • Contact Utility Companies To Have Services Disconnected The Day After The Move, With New Services Starting The Day Prior At The New Home
  • Clear Out The Freezer, Refridgerator, And Try To Use Any Canned Or Boxed Foods
  • Visit or your local post office to officially change your address.
  • Notify your bank, employer and friends and family of your new address.
  • Confirm With Your Moving Company (Falcon Moving LLC Will Reach Out To You, If You've Hired Us For The Move)
  • Request Time Off From Work. Trust Me, You'll Want To Take At Least 2 Days Off.
  • Have Rugs, Furniture Covers, Shower Curtains, etc. Professionally Cleaned. They Will Be Easier To Move, and Perfectly Clean When unrolled at the new home.
  • Pack Up General Household Goods.
  • Pack A Personal Bag, One For Each Member of The Family. Each Bag Should Include A Change Of Clothes, Phone Chargers, Personal Hygien Products, Etc.
  • Refill Any Prescriptions You Might Have, And Make Sure They Are Somewhere Safe and Accessible During The Move
  • If You've Hired Us, This Will Be The Easiest Part. Just Open Your Door, And We'll Do The Rest.
  • Make Sure Pet Food, Important Documents, Phone Chargers, and Hygiene Products Are Easily Accessable

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